Oh my, the Unibear is the most magnificent of all things.
~ Narrator

The Unibear is a character in Naughty Bear. It is a rare cross between a uni-bear and a unicorn. The only reason it is a villain is because it will sometimes attack Naughty.


Episode 4

Naughty Bear is in the woods when it sees a Unibear running around. It stops and eats a butterfly. It then smells a flower. It suddenly hears a car coming and leaves, much to Naughty's annoyance.

Episode 7

A Unibear is shown dancing with Stardust. The Alien Bears arrive and one shoots the Unibear, sending it flying and causing Stardust to surrender. At the end of the episode, two Unibears, along with the other bears, humiliate Naughty despite him saving them from the aliens, prompting Naughty to kill them. It is unknown why the Unibears arre seen with the other bears, as they are supposed to be rare. There are two explanations: 1, it was only these bears that knew of the Unibear, or 2, the Unibears had become more common.

Episode 10

This is the Unibear's most common appearance. A Unibear arrives after hearing Stardust put on some music. It listens to the music with glee as Naughty watches. As the narrator comments on how the Unibear is the most magnificet of all things, the legendary and feared Vampiricorn arrived. The Unibear didn't even know the Vampiricorn was there. He only realized something was wrong when the vampire was right behind him. It turned around and was grabbed by the neck. It struggled to escape, but the Vampiricorn silenced it with a bite to the throat. It dropped to the ground, and two Vampires came and fed on it. Having tasted Uni-fluff, they become nearly-invincible.

The Unibears appear throughout the episode. There can be more than one Unibear at the same time. While the Vampires usually keep the normal bears alive, they will attack the Unibear on sight, possibly to become more powerful.