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666 - The famous sign of the Trinity

The Unholy Trinity is the Satanic version of the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity - it is believed by some to be symbolic of a union between three powerful demons to oppose God and the forces of Heaven during the apocalypse, resulting in the era known as the End Times - which in turn would lead to the battle of Armageddon and ultimately the Day Of Judgement.

The Unholy Trinity comprises of the Beast, the Antichrist and Satan - a blasphemous version of the tradition "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" found in some Christian sects.

In The Book of Revelations, the Beast starts the End Battle by converting humans to his ways, and freeing the trapped angels, and then the Antichrist moves among humans as one of them. The Antichrist and the Beast together free Satan, and all three have an empire which lasts over a thousand years. In that time the Moon turns to blood and stars fall. In the final days of the reign, God defeats the Behemoth, the Beast and the evil angels. The Antichrist is fought and bound by Jesus and the Devil, Satan, is bound by God and Jesus and thrown into the Lake of Fire along with the Antichrist.

Examples in fiction

  • The Omen is centered around this philosophy, with the Unholy Trinity being Damien as the Antichrist, Ann Thorn as the Beast, and the Devil as the False God. The Triniy is mentioned by monks in the first movie.
  • The trinity could also be referenced in Transformers, with the Fallen as the Devil, Megatron as the Beast and Starscream as the False God.
  • The TV show Supernatural has this Trinity, with Jesse being the Antichrist, Lucifer being the Devil and Azazel being the False God.
  • In The Power of Five has this Trinity, with Scott Tyler as the Antichrist, Diego Salamanda as the False God and Chaos as the Devil.

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