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When in doubt, flee.
~ The Unggoy/Grunt philosophy.

The Unggoy (also called "Grunts") is a species of squat bipedal vertebrates in the unified races of the Covenant Empire. They are the lowest ranking species in the Covenant hierarchy, and are frequently mistreated by almost every higher ranking species. They are often seen being led by one high ranking specie such as Elite or Brute as a squad.

Rank Structure


Name Description Image
Ultra Ultra Grunts serve as field officers to their comrades. While they appear to have some authority over their subordinates, they have no control over the other Covenant Species except for the Jackals. They have more accurate firearms, throw Plasma Grenades more often and wear heavier armour.
Grunt Ultra


Name Description Image
Special Operations These Grunts are more experienced and specially chosen, usually under the leadership of Special Operations Elites.
Heavy Being similiar to the UNSC rank of Corporal, these specialized Heavy Grunts are usually deployed for defensive actions. Their primary purpose are to give heavy support for their group.
Grunt Heavy


Name Description Image
Major Similiar to the UNSC rank of Lance Corporal, Majors command several Minors.
Grunt Major
Minor Similiar to the UNSC rank of Private or Private First Class. They are the least dangerous, most cowardly and inaccurate marksman of the Covenant.
Grunt Minor


Name Description Image
Deacon Members of theMinistry of Tranquility. with the position being only open to Grunts. They are sent to boost morale and provide religious services aboard ships, as well as reinforce spirituality when little is present.
Grunt Deacon

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