The Underboss

The Underboss is an incredibly powerful, both socially and physically, criminal in the Watchmen universe who is briefly mentioned in the original comic and fully appears in the videogame Watchmen: The End is Nigh.

At the start of the game he escapes from Sing Sing prison during a riot, and while pursuing him Rorschach and Nite Owl find that he has seemingly murdered two innocent news reporters, which they confront him with upon cornering him at a construction site, and the villain insists that he is innocent of this particular charge.

In the fight, Underboss repeatedly runs up staircases while dispatching his minions to fight the heroes for him, but when he does fight he proves to be a very worthy opponent, with incredible strength, very high HP, and a flamethrower apparatus carried on his back. After being beaten, Underboss begins to explain what he does know about the murders, only to be shot in the head by a mysterious sniper and launched several stories to the ground. Miraculously, Underboss survives, again showing how strong he is, as a newspaper seen during the ending states that he is in a coma and not dead, and his mention in the comic implies that he is still alive in 1985.

In reality, the reporters killed were Woodward and Bernstein, who in real life would eventually expose Richard Nixon's corruption. The Comedian killed them and framed Underboss as part of his secret work for Nixon.