The Undead are a race of monsters in the 2004 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Blade.


The Undead were series as they were created 10,000 years ago by God in the form of a stone slab called the Stone of Sealing, to "kill" each other in a free-for-all battle royale known as the Battle Fight, with the winner granted a wish to alter the world. The 52 Undead represented 52 different species and battled so they can wish for the species they represent to rule the Earth, while the Joker represented death. The losers would be sealed by the Stone itself. The winner of that battle was the Human Undead and the world has been populated by humans ever since.

In the present, human archaeologists discover the sealed Undead and a maddened Hirose set them free by mistake. However, the new Battle Fight was a front for a sinister plot by BOARD's chairman. Among the Undeads, there are several specialized groups: the Category Aces, the Royal Club, and the Joker. True to their name, Undead cannot be killed as they are manifestations of different species and thus must be preserved for the next battle, so God had given them true immortality.

Though Undead are supposedly to be immortal, for some unexplained reasons, they can be destroyed by Decade as seen in Kamen Rider Decade. This could probably because Decade's power as the "destroyer of the worlds" is beyond even that of God's protection.

A.R. World versions

The Undead also exist in the A.R. World of Blade. Similar to the originals, they are a race of monsters that are accidentally released from their seals and go on a rampage. Among them, there are several specialized Undead: Category Aces, the Royal Club, and the Joker. Several Undead also appear in the first episode when Natsumi is trapped within the changing dimensions. They include the Lizard, Pecker, Squid, and Caucasus Undead. In the World of Diend, instead of Jashin-14 to be controlled by Undead, it appears as a sentient villain while having Darkroaches and the whole brainwashed villagers under his control. Another Undead also made it's debut who is Bossroach (modeled after the Beetle Undead) controls several Darkroaches.


As one of the races of the Nine Worlds, the Undead are part of the Dai-Shocker alliance, a coalition of all villain organizations fought by the Kamen Riders, who have ambitions to conquer the multiverse.

The Elephant Undead and Giraffa Undead, as well as Darkroaches, were part of the Dai-Shocker army that was fought and wiped out by a gathering of 25 Kamen Riders in the World of Decade after Dai-Shocker started their invasion of the worlds.

The Undead Titan was a member of the Dai-Shocker remnant, Super Shocker, that appeared in the World of the Rider War.


Blade Suit


The Lizard Undead is a category 2 Undead sealed in the Slash Lizard Rouze Card. While he appeared only in a flashback of the previous Battle Fight, the Lizard Undead appeared during the movie. In Kamen Rider Decade, a version of the Lizard Undead from the World of Blade is a member of Dai-Shocker.


The Lion Undead is category 3 Undead working for Isaka, kidnaping the ideal candidates for the Leangle project. While kidnapping Mutsuki Kamijou, the Lion Undead confronts Blade and is forced to retreat. When the Lion Undead resumes his attack, he is sealed away by Blade into the Beat Lion Rouze Card.


The Locust Undead is a category 5 Undead sealed in the Kick Locust Rouze Card, able able to jump great heights and break his body into a swarm of locusts, using that ability to survive Garren's attempt on his life before personally destroying BOARD's headquarters, killing the majority of members there by the time Kazuma Kenzaki arrives to fight him. It was only after believes that Garren betrayed BOARD that Blade loses it and seals the Undead. However, the Locust Undead was later unsealed by Leangle before being resealed by Blade, making another appearance in Missing Ace.


The Deer Undead is a category 6 Undead sealed in the Thunder Deer Rouse Card, first arriveing to call Chalice out by using his lightning powers on human victims until Garren arrives to fight him before the Undead leaps away with Garren in pursuit. However, Blade intercepts the Undead as Garren vainly tries to handle the Undead on his own. But once the Deer Undead wounds Garren, Blade seals the Undead. Later, Leangle briefly released the Undead until Blade sealed him again with his Lizard Slash. In Kamen Rider Decade, a version of the Deer Undead from the World of Blade is a member of Dai-Shocker.


A category 7 Undead sealed in the Metal Trilobite Rouze Card, the Trilobite Undead imprisoned in Isaka's lab to serve Isaka by attacking the abducted Kazuma Kenzaki to test the Fusion Ration as part of Isaka's plan to develop the Leangle System, getting the information on Blade, Chalice, and Garren as the Trilobite Undead is sealed. The Trilobite Undead returns in Missing Ace, sealed by Glaive and Larc.


The Buffalo Undead is an category 8 Undead sealed within the Magnet Buffalo Rouze Card, attacking people with his magnetic powers before Blade seals him in Jack Form. In Kamen Rider Decade, a version of the Buffalo Undead rampages in the World of Blade before the Kamen Rider Blade of their reality, Kazuma Kendate, receives clearance to transform into Blade and seal the Undead.


The Jaguar Undead is a Category 9 Undead who uses high speed to mauls his victims to death, Chalice first fought the monster, only for him to escape before being sealed. The Jaguar Undead later encounters the Spider Undead, whose very presence scares him into finding Sayoko and wounding her. Kazuma Kenzaki arrives in time to save her before transforming into Blade to fight the Undead. Once able to counter the Jaguar Undead's high speed, Blade manages to seal him. Later, the Jaguar Undead was briefly unsealed by Leangle before Garren and Blade reseal him together.


Scarab Undead is a category 10 Undead sealed within the Time Scarab Rouze Card, able to effect time itself. The Scarab Undead aids King in his agenda before Blade uses the piece of cloth that the Scarab Undead had in his hand to keep himself unfrozen in time and seal him. In Kamen Rider Decade, a version of the Scarab Undead from the World of Blade is a member of Dai-Shocker.

Category Ace

Categories 2-10

Royal Club Undead

Unlike the other Undead of the Category Aces and the numbered categories, the Undead of the lettered categories can assume human form. In the original series, only eleven of the twelve were active.


Although called the 53rd existence, there are actually multiple Jokers much like in a card deck. If any of them were to win the Battle Fight, it would mark the end of all life on Earth, and the Battle Fight would be reset to begin anew. Jokers are armed with different weapons each; Hajime/Joker and Shijo/Joker with a green dagger, Kenzaki/Joker armed with a sword that identical to Beetle Undead's and Shimura/Joker with a staff/halberd/sycthe.

Category Unknown

Rouze Boss Jashin 14

Trial Series

The Trial Series are artificial monsters created by BOARD, combining human and Undead DNA with machinery. They cannot be sealed with Proper Blanks; in fact, Blanks are absorbed, allowing them to recover quickly. The Trials were developed to interfere with the Undead Battle Fight. In early production sketches, they were referred as "Undeadloids."

Undead Monster Gallery

Rouze Cards Gallery

Category 2-10

These cards allow the Riders to channel the sealed Undeads powers via their respective Rouzers.

Suit of Spades

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