I like the way you think. That's the attitude that makes us strong. Loyalty, discretion... used to be more common.
~ Uncle Po
You must stop this fight at once. We must be united against our true enemies! (Wei Shen: Yes, of course, Uncle Po.)
~ Uncle Po's philosophy of dealing with enemies
The only difference between you and me is... I know... what I am...
~ Uncle Po's final words before his death

David Wa-Lin, better known as Uncle Po, is a Sun On Yee Triad member and supporting character in the video game Sleeping Dogs.

Character History

David Wa-Lin served as a member of the Hong Kong Sun On Yee triad from an early age. Thanks to an arrangement with policeman Thomas Pendrew, in which he secretly aided police operations against other high-ranking Triad members, Wa-Lin quickly rose through the ranks, while Pendrew got an exemplary track record with the police. In time, this led Wa-Lin to become Chairman of the Sun On Yee, while Pendrew became Superintendent of the Hong Kong Police.

Sleeping Dogs

In 2012, detective Wei Shen was transferred from San Francisco to Pendrew's department in Hong Kong, his native land, and put in charge of an operation to infiltrate the Sun On Yee Triad as an undercover agent in order to help neutralize it. During this operation, Shen initially worked under Winston Chu, a Sun On Yee Red Pole, which eventually led him to meet Wa-Lin, now known as Uncle Po.

When Winston's wedding was raided by hitmen sent by rival triad member Dogeyes Lin, Shen saw himself forced to save Po as he fought his way out. Due to wounds sustained during this event, Po became bedridden at a city hospital, giving Henry "Big Smile" Lee an opportunity to seize power. However, this was taken away when "Broken Nose" Jiang instead suggested that the role of temporary chairman instead be given to the less ambitious and competent "Two-Chin" Tsao, plotting to work together with Shen to turn the situation in their favour. However, tensions escalated regardless when Po suddenly passed away, causing Lee to come after Shen relentlessly.

After Shen and Lee's final confrontation, which concluded Shen's undercover stint, Jiang sent him a flash drive containing footage from the hospital's security cameras, which revealed that Po's death was not natural, but was caused by Pendrew poisoning his IV line. It was then revealed that this was a way for Pendrew to force Shen to neutralize the most dangerous Sun On Yee members, securing him with a large amount of recognition and a promotion to Interpol. In his final moments, Po denounced Pendrew, declaring that at least he himself went through life without lying about the kind of man he was.