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Uncle Pete is the main antagonist in the reviled children's book Alfie's Home by psychotherapist Richard A. Cohen.

Role in the story

Alfie had a hard time at home. His dad always came home yelling and his mother would discuss her troubles with Alfie. Alfie's uncle, Pete soon paid a visit, and gave Alfie a lot of attention. Soon, however, he would molest his nephew in secrecy and tells Alfie to leave it as such. When Alfie became a teenager and was concerned about his sexuality, he goes to his school teacher and he tells Alfie that he isn't gay, he just needed his father's attention and this was the reason he tried to get close to some of his male classmates. The school counselor later called Alfie's parents to the school and explained Alfie's problems to them. They then called Pete to the school and told him how wrong it was to use his nephew like that and he apologizes and completely gets off the hook.

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