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Uncle Kamata

Uncle Kamata is the tertiary antagonist in The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift. He is also the uncle of Drift King DK Takashi.


Kamata was a mob boss who comes to DK's Arcade to kill Han for a snitch. Although DK was unable to personally kill Han in a car chase that led to the death of DK's best friend and Kamata's henchmen Morimoto, Kamata's task was unexpectedly successful when Han got injured by Deckard Shaw before getting killed in an explosion.

However, Kamata became unimpressed when Sean tried to bribe him into getting uninvolved in their crime business while DK attempt to protest. So to settle he and DK's differences, Sean later offers to race DK once again, on condition that whoever loses leaves Tokyo, to which he agrees. In the end, Kamata tells DK to leave Tokyo when DK was defeated by Sean Boswell.


  • Although he is revealed to be the Greater Scope Villain throughout the film, he serves as the tertiary antagonist instead as the plot is focused on the true main villain.