Uncle Howee (Character)

Uncle Howee is the main/titular villain in the Haunting Hour season 4 episode Uncle Howee.

He is portrayed by Tom Kenny, who is also known for voicing Scoutmaster Lumpus and Slinkman from Camp Lazlo, Dingle Kringle from Elf Bowling: The Movie, and Simon Petrikov/Ice King from Adventure Time.

Uncle Howee is the host of his own show "The Uncle Howee Show" where he becomes friends with younger children along with his rabbit friend named Loomis, but somehow has the ability to talk to Cynthia from the real world. Uncle Howee and Loomis noticed that Cynthia's older brother "Jared" has been bullying, teasing, and harassing her and have decided to do something about it. Uncle Howee decided to teach Jared a lesson at his house (instead of from the TV). So he planned a game for Jared to where if he can find his younger sister Cynthia in one minute then he wins, but if he loses he would have to confess to his mother about the loss of his only younger sister and get grounded. Jared then loses the game and admits defeat and agrees to be Uncle Howee's friend. In the end, It was revealed that Uncle Howee had turned Jared into full bodied marionette to where Jared is now part of Uncle Howee's TV Show and his new friend forever, which leaves his mother completely horrified.