Uncle Grizzly is a character from the television adaptation of "Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids" and although technically little more than an announcer he is a morbid and evil old man who takes delight in watching bad things happen to bad children - he also takes great joy in injuring his pet spider, often in quite graphic ways.

Uncle Grizzly is a type of bogeyman in the sense he only targets "naughty" children and this goes well with the show's purpose as a fusion of children's horror series and morality tale - though as mentioned before his love of torturing his pet spider suggests he is quite sadistic to begin with: he is also the owner of a frightening laugh and may not be fully human (since he serves live insects to people at his cinema).

Uncle Grizzly also has a half brother known as the Night Night Porter, who has now taken Uncle Grizzly's place as the resident bogeyman / presenter of the show..