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Uncle Bakshi, or Bakshi Uncle, is the antagonist of the 2013 animated short film about sexual abuse, KOMAL.

Uncle bakshi


Bakshi was and old friend of Komal's father. He moved in the next room in the same apartments Komal lives in. After moving in, Komal and Bakshi formed a bond. They played together, he took her to school, he gave her a unicorn made of glass as a present, and they went to eat goola together. Komal felt like she trusted Bakshi. One day, while in the apartment playing with Komal, Bakshi told her that they should play a "Secret game". Komal abode and Bakshi lead her to his bedroom. Once there, Bakshi makes Komal sit on his lap, he then starts touching her crotch area. Komal starts feeling uncomfortable and starts questioning the game and gets confused. Bakshi allegedly molested Komal, but it is not seen, and it cuts away. The next day, Komal becomes depressed and has anxiety over the past events. Komal then confesses to her parents what Bakshi has done to her. Infuriated, the father tries to alert the attention of all his relatives, his wife neglects the idea and they seek CHILDLINE India. Later, Bakshi gets arrested.

Uncle bakshi getting arrested

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