Un-Men Vol 1 1 (Virgin)

Un-Men is a villainous team in the DC universe.


The Un-Men were origanally the henchmen of Anton Arcane. When he started to conduct experiments to find the power of immortality he mutated them into monsters who became very loyal to him. Enough to jump to their deaths when they believe Anton did the same. He uses the Un-Men to assist him in capturing Swamp Thing so he can use him in his experiments. They later help Felix Faust.


  • Patchwork Man
  • Crassus
  • Damien Kane
  • Dr. Deemo
  • Skinman
  • Weed Killer
  • Bayou Jack

Swamp Thing the Animated Series

In this show there are three Un-Men who made by Arcane's Transducer machine. They all resmble diffent animals such as a bat and the all have different powers. Arcane sends them on all kinds of missions to help him. In one episode there are five.