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Umwak was a Dulok shaman and an antagonist from the relatively obscure Ewoks cartoon series - which was loosely affiliated with the expanded Star Wars universe, although he was technically the religious leader of his tribe he reduced to a minion of the brutish King Gorneesh and often schemed against the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village.

Umwak was clever for a Dulok but unfortunately a smart Dulok is still not exactly the brightest of beings and as such his schemes often had flaws that the smarter Ewoks could exploit or were simply foiled by his own clumsiness (or those of this fellow Duloks) - Umwak had a nephew who he tried to take along with him on a few missions and this unnamed youth seemed to share Umwak's intelligence (if not slightly more) yet also failed to capture the Ewoks.

Umwak's responsibilities as shaman sometimes forced him to seek the council of Morag the witch or Murgoob the hermit - these dealings, although helpful to the Dulok cause, were likely not envied by his fellow Duloks.