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Darkness is rising, Toa. You cannot stop it.
~ Umarak to Toa Uniters

Umarak is one of the villains of the BIONICLE series and he is the tertiary antagonist of the 2016 storyline alongside Makuta Teridax and Makuta the Mask Hoarder. He is an ancient warrior and a Dark Hunter who desired to seek and capture the Elemental Creatures to drain their powers and take control of them in order to free his master Karzahni from his imprisonment.


Prior of the main event of the storyline, Umarak was created in the island of Karzahni, which was ruled by the ruler called Karzahni alongside the other being called Devastator. Later, he and " Devastator" were approached by The Shadowed One, leader of the Dark Hunters who then offered them of their services. Eventually, both of them accepted and serve him as the members of the Dark Hunters.

Despite joining in the Dark Hunters rank, Umarak often spends time with himself and also operate in the mission that "The Shadowed One" assigned him alone.

The Power That Be

Although Umarak did not appear in the storyline, he was seen in the end sensing his master's defeat and banishment into the Field of Shadows  as he decided to make his move and declared that he will free his master to help him conquer the Matoran Universe once and for all.

Attack in Metru Nui

Although Umarak does not appear in this time, he immediately summon the Shadow Spawn and sent them to attack Metru Nui, where they were defeated by the Toa Masters before the latter were summoned by Narmoto, the Protector of Fire on the order of Ekimu, the Mask Maker of Okoto as well as the brother of Makuta the Mask Hoarder, a Makuta who also lived in Okoto.

Quest in Okoto

After the Toa Masters arrived in Okoto again, Umarak was contacted by Karzahni who ordered him to retrieve the Mask of Control, a task that led him to search 

Powers and Abilities

Being his role as the Hunter, Umarak was skillful in his art of archery. He was armed with his weapon, a Bone Hunting Bow Shooter that can shoot out arrows and can also allow him to summon both the Shadow Traps as well as the Shadow Spawn. He was known to carry a sword which he can used it as a melee weapon. He also wore the Mask of Shadows, which gave him the ability to utilize several shadow-based powers.

  • When Umarak captured Uxar with his dark power during the battle in the Region of Ice and united with him, the former was granted with the element of Air
  • During his attack on the Toa Uniters and the Creatures in the Temple of Time, he defeated Pohatu and captured Ketar

As the Destroyer, Umarak relied on his natural brute strength, his bladed claws and his horns which made up of the horns of the Mask of Control. He became more powerful in this form as he easily defeated the Toa Uniters and Ekimu as well as torn Pridak into half easily with his claws. However, he still retains both the abilitiy to generate his dark power as well as his acid power. 


Umarak is as ancient as the planet Okoto itself, connected to the primeval force of darkness.

He was very skillful and

intelligent as he choose his targets.



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