Ulysses is the central antagonist and character of the final expansion for the video game Fallout: New Vegas called "Lonesome Road". He is the mysterious archenemy and dark counterpart of the Courier (the main character), though all that is initially known is that Ulysses was originally the Courier who was supposed to deliver the Platinum Chip to Mr. House, but deliberately turned down the job when he saw that the Courier's name was the next one on the list of who would deliver packages, thus being the cause of everything that happens to the player during the game.

Ulysses was initially conceived (by the developers) as a companion/sidekick/follower character who was aligned with Caesar's Legion, but for various reasons he was not implemented in the final game. However, he was left on one of the playing cards included in the special limited–edition release of the game, which each featured a character from the game corresponding to a particular card. On the card Ulysses was shown facing backward wearing an overcoat with the original American flag on it and carrying a pole with a golden eagle figure on top of it. This was how players first found out about his mysterious existence, and when asked about it the creators said that Ulysses, had he been included in the game, would have been deeply involved in several parts of the overall story, and “might” be incorporated in a future DLC.

When the first expansion, ‘’Dead Money’’, was released, the references and foreshadowing towards the eventual appearance of Ulysses were overt; Christine Royce, one of the allies who eventually assists the player in killing Father Elijah, mentions that she had met another Courier before, who had also saved her, and in the ending sequence, it is said that Christine would later hear stories about a great battle between the two Couriers at a place called “The Divide”. The same is said for another character, Dog/God, who otherwise has nothing whatsoever to do with Ulysses.

In the second DLC, ‘’Honest Hearts’’, Joshua Graham, upon learning of the player’s identity as a courier, says that he had been expecting another courier who would have approached him much differently, implying that Ulysses, who works for Caesar, was someone who would try to assassinate him.

In press releases prior to the release of the third DLC, ‘’Old World Blues’’, it was announced that Ulysses would be making an appearance, and concept art was released finally showing his face. The concept art also showed three different versions of his outfit, with the American flag, the Caesar’s Legion flag, and the NCR flag on the back of each, respectively, leading to speculation that the affiliation of Ulysses would automatically be the opposite of whatever side the player had chosen. When the expansion was released, it turned out that Ulysses did not actually appear in it, but could be heard in audio–tapes found at a cave called “Ulysses’ Point” where he could be heard talking to Christine Royce (who also had previously been claimed to be making a direct appearance in this DLC), whom he had saved from Father Elijah and The Think–Tanks prior to the events of all the expansions, telling her that he was going off to search for another courier with whom he had a history, seeking “an ending to things.” Paintings in the image of his American flag can also be found at several spots around the Big MT, indicating that Ulysses had been exploring around there just like the Courier. It was very clear by this point that the character of Ulysses had been completely re–purposed from his original role as a companion.

In ‘’Lonesome Road’’, Ulysses calls out the Courier via radio signal (which is how all the DLCs start), leading them to the “Canyon Wreckage” on the Western border of the Mojave Wasteland, which is the entrance to the completely ruined, inhospitable place that is the Divide. Several nuclear bombs detonated in the Divide (recently, not when all the other bombs fell), and there are still a number of smaller undetonated warheads scattered around. Ulysses speaks to the Courier through ED-E the Enclave Eye robot and basically dares the Courier to pursue him to his lair at the end of the Divide’s “road”.

When finally confronted, Ulysses is revealed to be disfigured and slightly mutated due to living in the irradiated Divide, and is wearing a gas mask, intentionally subverting the player’s expectations of what he would look like. Data found around the Divide reveals that Ulysses was originally part of a tribe called the Twisted Hairs, which was absorbed into Caesar’s Legion and whose ways also influenced the White Legs, and that he had since left the Legion and was living in an independent settlement to the West of the playable game world. Some time before the start of the game, the Courier unwittingly delivered some device that detonated the dormant bombs there, destroying Ulysses’ home, without even knowing what the package was at the time. As revenge, he plans to use the rest of the missiles to bomb the Mojave Wasteland, thus destroying the other Courier’s home.

Like most enemy characters in the series, Ulysses can optionally be convinced in the error of his ways instead of killed. If this is accomplished, he helps the Courier fight off a large group of “Marked Men” attacking the temple before using ED–E to deactivate the missile launch and escaping, after which he exiles himself the the wreckage near the entrance to the Divide. Otherwise, he is by far the most powerful boss in the game, with over 1,000 HP at the highest level and a large supply of healing resources. In fact, he has 10 points for every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute, which hadn’t been seen in the series since Frank Horrigan.

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