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We have been hunting you. We have come to destroy you.
~ The Ultra-Robots' purpose to destroy Samurai Jack

The Ultra-Robots are one of Aku's loyal robot armies in Samurai Jack.


Aku hired Exdor to create eight robotic assassins that know the techniques of Jack. They are also composed of Aku's fluids. They first destroyed Exdor's village and attacked three other villages to distract Jack. As Jack arrived, he noticed that all eight of them are invincible.


  • "To lure you to us. To draw you out."
  • "Yes, we have been hunting you. We have come to destroy you!"
  • "We see you have made some modifications."
  • "Altering your original combat chassis will not help you."
  • "Do not prolong the inevitable."
  • "You are outmatched, samurai."
  • "All too easy."
  • "Unbelievable!"


  • They are voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • They were inspired by the Nazgûl, the Terminator and the Predators.
  • The Ultra-Robots are seen as very intense villains found in Samurai Jack.

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