Ultimate Kevin is Kevin Levin's third, later four mutation and the main antagonist of the rest the first season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


Ultimate Kevin's appearance is mix between many of Ben's aliens from the Ultimatrix.

He has Four Arms's body shape with Humungousaur's front torso and also has Humungousaur's tail.

He has Big Chill's wings and hood.

He has Diamondhead's right arm with Chromastone's right shoulder crystal and Lodestar's right claw fuse with Diamondhead's skin.

He has Rath's left arm fuse with Swampfire's skin and Rath's left foot fuse with Jetray's skin.

He has Spidermonkey's lower left arm.

He has two of Brainstorm's legs for right lower arm.

He has Jetray's face and right foot.

He has half of Ultimate Humungousaur's face on the left.

He also has Kevin Levin's hair and clothing.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Kevin possesses several powers from many of Ben's aliens and also possesses his own - The abilities that have been shown are;

  • Web Breath: Ultimate Kevin can spit webs from his mouth.
  • Ultraviolet Beam Emission: Ultimate Kevin can project ultraviolet beams from eyes and from the crystals on his right shoulder.
  • Sonic Screams: Ultimate Kevin can released sonic screams from his mouth.
  • Enhanced Strength: Ultimate Kevin possesses incredible enormous strength allowing to lift heavy objects and knock out large opponents.
  • Enhanced Durability: Ultimate Kevin possesses incredible durability as he is able to withstand Jetray's neuroshock beams, Alan Albright's fire blasts and can survive in a explosion.
  • Slime Mimicry: Ultimate Kevin is able to turn his entire structure into solid slime.
  • Pyrokinesis: Ultimate Kevin can generate and manipulate fire produce from him.
  • Energy Beam Emission: Ultimate Kevin can project energy beams form his eyes.
  • Neuroshock Beam Emission: Ultimate Kevin can project neuroshock beams from his eyes.
  • Ferrokinesis: Ultimate Kevin can use magnetic waves to make metals objects attracted to other metal objects.
  • Hydrokinesis: Ultimate Kevin can project water blasts from his hands.
  • Flight: Ultimate Kevin can use Big Chill's wing to fly into the air.
  • Fire Breath: Ultimate Kevin can breath fire out of his mouth.
  • Electrokinesis: Ultimate Kevin can generate yellow electric blasts - He can also generate blue electricity as well.
  • Diamond Shard Projection: Ultimate Kevin can project diamond shards from his hands.
  • Ice Breath: Ultimate Kevin can breath cold vapor that freeze things in ice.
  • Chlorokinesis: Ultimate Kevin can manipulate and control plant-like - He can also generate seeds that grow vines.
  • Aerokinesis: Ultimate Kevin is able to create tornadoes.
  • Intangibility: Like Big Chill, Ultimate Kevin can pass through solid matter.
  • Electric Force-Fields: Ultimate Kevin can generate force-fields make of yellow electricity.
  • Earthquake Generation: Ultimate Kevin can cause the ground to break.
  • Fire Projection: Ultimate Kevin can project fire from his left arm.
  • Sharp Claw: Ultimate Kevin has a retractable claw on his left wrist.
  • Arm Alteration: Ultimate Kevin can alter his right claw into a pickaxe.
  • Space Survivability: Ultimate Kevin can survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Crystal Generation: Ultimate Kevin can generate crystals.
  • Powerful Roar: Ultimate Kevin possesses a powerful roar.
  • Mana Manipulation: Ultimate Kevin can create and fire spheres made of Mana.
  • Energy Absorption: Ultimate Kevin is still able to absorb any kind of energy.
  • Power Absorption: Ultimate Kevin can absorb the powers of any living being and use the powers as his own.

Unused Abilities

  • Electric Absorption: Ultimate Kevin can absorb electricity.
  • Enhanced Speed: Ultimate Kevin can move at enhanced speeds just like Helen Wheels and XLR8.
  • Enhanced Agility: Ultimate Kevin is agile.
  • Enhanced Jumping: Ultimate Kevin has high jumping abilities.