20140504090325!Negative Ultimate Articguana

Ultimate Arctiguana is one of the aliens used by Albedo with Second Ultimatrix in Ben 10: Omniverse. Ultimate Arctiguana is the evolved form of Arctiguana.


In his evolved form, he has greatly increased in size, and he has what appears to be red armor. He has three growths dangling from his chin, and his teeth are now sticking out of the bottom jaw. He has a "mustache" of sorts, pointing downward and curving inward at the bottom, from either side of his upper lip. He has ice covering sections of his back and shoulders, with large red cannons sticking out. The black markings on his face have changed.

The Ultimatrix symbol is on the ice spikes on his back.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Arctiguana is capable of firing a long-range freeze ray that isolates targets in ice on contact.

Ultimate Arctiguana can shoot large columns of ices from his cannons, and propel himself across the ground with their force.