Ultimate Albedo is the evolved form of Albedo's Galvan form.


Ultimate Albedo has a huge head, with his brain pushing outwards. He also has noticeably small arms and legs, and as such requires a hovercraft just to move and support his head, but he is still able to stand up in his hovercraft if he lands. He has two tendrils on each of his brows and four on his chin.

Ultimate Albedo has a third eye in the middle of his head, just below the Ultimatrix symbol (which, in an unusual first for an Ultimate form, lacks spikes) and two little black and red cyborg-like parts that surround his brain.

Ultimate Albedo's hovercraft is red and has a square version of the Ultimatrix symbol on the front, along with two barreled turrets on the sides.

In For a Few Brains More, after absorbing Azmuth's intelligence, Ultimate Albedo's brain grew even larger, and the Ultimatrix symbol began to sink into his head.

Powers and Abilities

than his devolved form. Because of his evolved intelligence, Ultimate Albedo can predict multiple scenarios and plan for each one.

When he drained Azmuth's intelligence, Ultimate Albedo's intelligence was enhanced to Azmuth's level, until it was drained back.

Ultimate Albedo can fire a powerful energy beam from his third eye. These beams are powerful enough to defeat Eye Guy, Perk Upchuck, and Goop in one shot. He can also release energy pulses from his mind.

Ultimate Albedo possesses some telekinetic ability, as shown in For a Few Brains More, he lifted Ben and the others up in the air with his mind.

Like a regular Galvan, Ultimate Albedo has sharp teeth. He is also capable of making force fields.


Due to the size of his head in comparison to his limbs, Ultimate Albedo is completely dependent on his hovercraft for supporting himself.

As shown in For a Few Brains More, Ultimate Albedo is vulnerable to gravity-based attacks.

As warned by Azmuth, despite Ultimate Albedo's increased brainpower, he still does not think things through enough. He was completely overwhelmed by Azmuth's added intelligence, thereby making him indecisive and second-guess himself.


  • Ultimate Albedo bears a striking resemblance towards M.O.D.O.K. in the 'Marvel Comics niverse.