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I suffer spite...from neither lord...nor serf!
~ ~Ultima

Ultima the High Seraph is the leader of the Lucavi. From her brief appearances, it can be assumed that she is as powerful as she is pride-filled.

Character History

As Ultima

If Final Fantasy XII can be considered a prequel to Tactics, Ultima lead the rebellion against the Gods. Her task was to guide souls to Heaven, but she forsook it to rebel. She was defeated and banished.

As St. Ajora

In an Ivalice long lost, airships littered the skies and machinery ran rampant. According to legend, the day he was born, Ajora got up on his own two feet and walked over to a well, declaring that it was poisoned. It was true, and the people declared that he was a child of the gods. When he was twenty, he prophesied the coming of Paradise, and for that, he was executed. Later, a tidal wave wiped out Murond, the Island where the Church was centered, and the two events were said to be connected.

However, Ajora was simply a spy who sold information to the highest bidder. His disciple Germonique betrayed him by telling the Holy Ydoran Empire about him, and gave them the Zodiac Stones as proof.

Resurrection and Swift Death

Hashmal orchestrated the War of the Lions to shore up enough blood to revive her. However, it is not enough until he sacrifices himself to bring her back. She is revived in Alma's body, but Alma fights back, splitting herself from the Lucavi demon. Ultima transforms into her first form and attacks, focusing most of her energy on Alma. When this form is defeated, she turns into a skeletal horror, and her power increases exponentially. This form is defeated too, and Ajora explodes in a blast of energy, killing Ramza and all his friends.


Ajora's cover story bears many blatant references to the Christian stories of Jesus Christ. Germonique mirrors the story of Judas Iscariot, and Bariaus, who was martyred in service to Ajora, mirrors the story of the other disciples.


St. Ajora is said to be a man, but in the Japanese translation of Vagrant Story, a sequel of sorts to Final Fantasy Tactics, Ajora is listed as a woman. Moreover, Ultima's first appearance is clearly female, as is her new host Alma. This leads to a discrepancy over Ajora/Altima's gender.

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