I'm far too kind to you all. Must be getting soft with my old seasons!
~ Ullig suggesting that throwing in food so the slaves can scrabble for it is "treating them well"

Ullig is a supporting antagonist in the Redwall book Marlfox by Brian Jacques. He is an arrogant, pompous, sadistic water rat and chief of the guards at Castle Marl.


Him and his lustful general Wilce are the rulers of their despot in the castle grounds. Ullig has a simple duty of watching over his slaves and feeding them at the end of the day. Ullig is very barbaric about how he feeds them, he chucks porridge into their troughs as if the slaves are little less than cattle.

Throughout the book, it becomes clear that Ullig and Wilce are plotting to take over the castle by killing the Marlfox rulers. Wilce is working with Lantur to kill Lantur's own mother Silth, then when Silth is dead, Lantur takes up the role of queen. However, she is in turn killed by Mokkan, who inserts his own dystopian rule of Castle Marl.

During his rule Mokkan is plagued by nightmares of Martin the Warrior and his Redwaller champions and Mokkan bids a hasty exit. At the same moment, Danflour Reguba and his friends arrive to overthrow the Marlfoxes and end their rule. They orchestrate a slave breakout, to Ullig's horror. His lover Wilce clutches him for protection but in doing so she slows down Ullig and Wilce is clubbed to death by slaves just after Ullig has his throat slit by an escaped slave.


Ullig was a barbaric, sadistic brute, very similar to Druwp, who believed in hierarchies. Both of them suffered with death for this view of treachery over others. Also, both got killed by revolting slaves.