The Ulcer was a man who lived in Hollywood, and spent much of his life watching people bargain away their talents
The ulcer
for fame and fortune. The experience made him so pessimistic and cynical towards people that he literally became an ulcer in his own stomach. The show room where he supposedly spent his years became encased in his organs, with his heart and stomach juices below the stage, and himself a large, grotesque, fetus-like creature with a massive head and a tiny, vestigial body latched to the wall inside a fluid-filled bubble. He lured people to the 

room, and offered fabulous prizes for performing for him if he liked their act. If he did not, he got heart burn, and dropped them into his stomach acid to be digested.

When Courage, Muriel, and Eustace drop into this room from he street above, he offers Eustace a golden truck, and

Muriel a life like that of her favorite actress, Dolores Dolores. They both fail his test, and are dropped into the stomach acid. Courage demands he give them back, and the ulcer asks if he would be willing to perform for a prize. not believing Courage would really perform just to get his family back, the ulcer tells him that if he succeeds in pleasing him, he, Courage, may name his prize.

Courage performs a tarzan act, and crashes through the floor into the stomach juice, throwing up Muriel and Eustace before they can be dissolved. The ulcer, moved by the sincerity of Courage's generosity and selflessness, has a heart attack, which Courage saves him from. He then reverts into his original self, the organs making up the room regressing back into him, leaving a man in a white suit, and a commonplace looking show room.


"All of the callous, selfish behavior; people selling themselves, their talents, their art, for fame and fortune. It makes me sick!" - The Ulcer