Ulather is a demon and a villain in the video game Spellforce: The Order of Dawn.


Ulather was the first demon and leader over the demonic hordes. Eventually, Circle Mage Uram the Red gained controll over Ulather and thus over the demons. Uram used the demon hordes to battle the undead forces of his nemesis Hokan Ashir. After the convocation and the death of all Circle Mages, Ulather remained alive at an island called The Rift. As he was still alive, the demons continued plaguing the lands.

When the Rune Warrior is sent by the Guardian to find pieces of a former artwork, he is told that one of the pieces is in possession of the sorceress Talia Storm. Once the Rune Warrior meets Talia at The Rift, she promises him the artwork shard but then sets off to defeat Ulather to stop the flow of demons. To obtain the shard, the Rune Warrior follows her through the rift, eventually catching up to her before the gates of Ulather's crater. Talia opens the chamber to challenge Ulather but Ulather uses his fire magic to cast a spell that traps her. Believing himself victorious, Ulather boasts that Talia will never escape the trap but is then engaged by the Rune Warrior and his army. After Ulather's defeat, the spell trapping Talia is broken and the remainder of his demons are slain.