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I will enjoy watching your hope turn into despair!
~ Uighur
Betting lives of those who fear is what makes it more amusing!!
~ Uighur

Uighur is one of the many villains that Kenshiro faces in his jury. Uighur is the head of the Cassandra city-like prison under direct order of Raoh.


Uighur is the sadistic warden of the prison-city Cassandra, the final destination for the warlord Raoh's surviving enemies. In Cassandra, to Uighur's pleasure, the inmates are very brutally tortured. He prevents any and all prisoners trying to escape Cassandra by gruesomely killing them, as well as anyone from outside who tries to break them out. Uighur's gate guards, Raiga and Fuuga, are kept in line by the threat that if they disobey him, their younger brother will be pecked to death by Uighur's pet eagle. He tries to avoid killing anyone willing to die, because that spoils half the fun, instead preferring to bring fear into his victims' minds before brutally murdering them.

Powers and Abilities

Uyghur fights using the Taizan-ryū Sōjō Ben (泰山流双条鞭, Taizan-ryū Sōjō Ben "Taishan Style Twin Streak Whip") style, however his true power lay in his shoulder tackle called Mōko Hakyoku Dō (蒙古覇極道, Mōko Hakyoku Dō "Tao of the Mongolian Champion") which concentrates all his muscle and strength into one of his shoulders. Kenshiro was seriously injured when struck by this technique, however in the rematch Ken managed to literally stop and crush his shoulder before defeating Uighur with the Hokuto Hyakuretsuken. He appears in the 1986 movie as the second-in-command and public executioner of Raoh's army, but is killed by Rei prior to the final battle.



  • Uighur has the most iconic and well known anime Evil Laugh.
  • Most of Uighur henchmen are those he has broken emotionally or mentally.
  • If he fails to break the will power of someone, he will threaten to kill a loved one if they don't do his demands.
  • Uighur is considered one of the most evil villains in Fist of the North Star.
  • Uighur was one of the few villains that was able to do damage on Kenshiro.
  • Uighur received one of the longest beatdowns from Kenshiro himself.