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Uglor is the name of a villian in the 1981 NBC Saturday morning cartoon series "Space Stars". He is voiced by Allan Lurie.

A mutant native and tyrannical ruler of the planet Uris (whose inhabitants are a race of evolved simians) in Galaxy Q-2. Uglor's mutancy granted him bird-like wings and the ability to generate destructive energy blasts from his bionic eyes, which allowed him to see through Space Ghost's Inviso Power and Elektra's telepathic illusions. He is a power-hungry being with desires to conquer the universe. He has tried many times but has failed, defeated by the "Teen Force" a group of teen super heros who come from Black Hole X, composed of Kid Comet, Elektra, Moleculad, and the 2 small aliens called the Astromites.

On several occasions it took the combined forces with the help of the Herculoids, Space Ghost to help defeat Uglor.

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