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Uehara Daizo
Give up, my friend. You cannot win.
You can knock me down all you like. Destroy me, if you wish. It doesn't change a thing! When this is over, everyone out there will still think you're a criminal. And the people of Tokyo will still call me a hero!
~ Uehara Daizo facing Robin.

Police Commander Uehara Daizo is the true main antagonist in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. He resembles a parody of Lupin the 3rd. Daizo was originally called a hero, but in the end, he was the one responsible for capturing the criminal Brushogun, using his powers to lie, thus becoming a fraud and false hero.

Daizo first appeared when he sent his troopers to capture a giant green reptilian monster named Deko-Mida. At first, Daizo turns out to be a former hero, but then Daizo revealed his evil nature when he arrested Robin for killing Saico-Tek and sent him to jail.

After a wild goose chase from chefs, girls who are in love with Beast Boy, and Brushogun's creations, the Teen Titans entered Brushogun's hideout. Daizo then sent his troopers to attack Robin and his friends. While Daizo tried to flee, Robin confronts him, but Daizo leaped into Brushogun's magical ink vat and fused with Brushogun to turn himself into a giant ink monster. After Brushogun was free and disappeared, Daizo was defeated and reverted back to his human form and was (presumably) arrested for both being a fraud and false hero.

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