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Udo Kang is one of the main villains in Red Dead Revolver. Thus, he only appears in two missions.


Udo Wang "Varmint" Kang is an outlaw from China who is wanted dead or alive for "murder and harassing animals" with a bounty of $50. He is described as being of very small stature although he does not appear significantly smaller than other characters.


As with many criminals in Red Dead Revolver, Udo is more dangerous than other outlaws encountered in missions.

Udo is first encountered in Widow's Patch while it is overrun by the Ugly Gang. Kang, Chicken, and Bad Larson were walking through the streets when they encountered Red Harlow's dog. After the animal yell on Kang's boots, he shot and killed the dog, causing Red to attack.

Later, Udo is part of the waves of attackers trying to drive Annie Stoakes from her ranch.

Showdown Mode

The player can unlock Udo Wang Kang as a playable character in Showdown Mode by purchasing the Towel from the General Store in Brimstone after the mission "The Cemetery". Although the towel is listed as unlocking a journal page only, it does also unlock the showdown character.

His special ability is a random throwable item: either a Bottle, Fire Bottle, or Snake Oil.