Medical research comes first, saving lives second.
~ Dr. Heinemann

Dr. Udo Heinemann was the main antagonist of the first 2 episodes of Monster


Udo was the Director of Eisler Memorial Hospital when Dr. Kenzo Tenma joined the hospital, and the father of his fiancee Eva. He was frequently seen using his position to take credit for the great work of his underlings such as Kenzo.

When Kenzo was about to save the life of a Turkish building worker, Dr. Heinemann ordered him to leave the worker to fix an "emergency" surgery on a famous opera singer's vocal chords, thus causing the builder's death.When Kenzo confronted Udo about this, Udo told him that, to him, medical knowledge and funding to the hospital were far more important than the lives of regular people.

Later, when the parents of 9 year old twins Anna and Johan Liebert were murdered and Johan shot in the head, Udo ordered Kenzo to abandon his surgery on Johan and let the boy die, because the mayor of Dusseldorf had just had a brain aneurism that also required immediate surgery, and the mayor was about to make a large donation to the hospital.

When Kenzo refused to leave the boy (who had been admitted first), the mayor died, outraging Udo, who then denied Kenzo the promotion he was promised. He then told Kenzo that he would utterly destroy Kenzo's career, and that Kenzo would never be able to get a senior position again, and that as long as he (Udo) was in charge of the hospital, Kenzo could forget about submitting any research papers to any mainstream journals.

Udo then learned that the huge amount of media attention that Johan and Anna were getting was bringing in lots of donations to the hospital, and so when he found out that Kenzo was Johan's doctor, he fired him from that position, and decided that they should take a photo of the children together (which caused Anna to scream and run away, while Johan reached out toward her with tears in his eyes).

Outraged that Udo had ordered this, Kenzo reprimanded the doctors he had sent, only then to be told that he was no longer Johan's doctor. Kenzo overheard the devastated Kenzo saying that Udo would be better off dead.

Udo and Johan's new doctors were later seen stealing sweets that had been given to Johan as a recovery present/condolences for his loss. Udo was unaware that Johan had in fact poisoned the sweets, and later that night he and Johan's other doctors died.