Ubiquitor was a powerful Marvel comics super-villain and a malevolent cosmic entity that belonged to a seemingly omnipotent alien race that would create and destroy entire galaxies on a whim, while the rest of her kind left the universe Ubiquitor decided to stay because she had fallen in love with massacring entire dimensions, for no real reason other than it pleased her.


(bts) - Ubiquitor was a member of an ancient race that called itself the Absolutes. Eventually they became so evolved that most of them ventured into higher planes of existence. Ubiquitor liked the whole dimension/universe smashing thing so much, she decided to stick around.

(bts-Galactic Guardians#1-2) - Ubiquitor sent her emissaries, Ganglia, Hazmat, Savant and Silverback, to destroy the Galactic Guardians one at a time.

(Galactic Guardians#3) - Her plan proving unsuccessful, Ubiquitor regrouped with the mercenaries, and made her presence known in the Galactic Guardians' base on the planet Klatuu.

Ubiquitor marvel

(Galactic Guardians#4) - Sending her minions to attack the Guardians, Ubiquitor teleported herself and Giraud, the Phoenix of that timeline, far away. She asked for him to become one with her, as together they could become truly Absolute. With a showing of his powers, Giraud turned her down, and they began to battle. Ubiquitor was overpowering the Phoenix, when Woden, Thor's son, came into the battle. Combining Mjolnir and the power of the Phoenix, they were able to destroy Ubiquitor, ending her threat.

Powers / Abilities

According to herself, she was omnipotent and omnipresent, meaning she sees all and knows all. She was shown to be able to teleport great distances and shoot energy blasts so powerful they could destroy entire planets. She also could grow or shrink to her will.