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Ubasti is the main antagonist of Treasure Buddies. She is Wellington's hairless cat who is allergic to dogs.

Role in the film

When Pete and Thomas were getting ready to leave for Egypt, Ubasti informed Mudbud that she will get the Lost Eye of Celocatra and use it to make cats rule the world and become their queen.

Throughout most of the film, Ubasti would often run off on her own, much to Dr. Phillip Worthington's dismay. She often interrigated Babi of his mischief and often scaring him while being suspicious of his actions.

Later, when the buddies arrived at Celocatra's, they took the Collar for safekeeping. However, Ubasti showed up and as she was cornered, then gained the upper hand by seeing statues of cats chasing after the buddies. Afterwards, after B-Dawg took off the collar, Ubasti took it and ran back to the tomb. As Thomas, Phillip, and Pete arrived, Phillip  tried to pick her up, but, judging him as a nuisance, she scratched his face Thomas, Phillip, Mudbud, and Pete saw her trying to use it's power. However, the collar had a curse and she, although granted eternal power over cats, turned into a lifeless statue forever.


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