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UT Commander

UT Commander

Remember your mission! We're doing a clean sweep of the area!
~ UT Commander to his men
UT Commander was the leader of the Undertaker Unit, a specialized group of B.O.W.s designed to remove incriminating evidence of the Umbrella Corporation's wrongdoings. The Commander was in fact a Human, and a few select of his men were programmed to not kill on the battlefield but were Trashsweapers for B.O.W.s.

UT Commander was brainwashed by Umbrella's psychological eugenics ideals, viewing others as unworthy outsiders, "Differents." He and his subordinates were sent to Sheena Island to accomplish their mission (to destroy all B.O.W.s and witnessed involved in the outbreak). After arriving, he is seen sending his men into action. During the final few moments of the events at Sheena Island, the commander set off the Island's self-destruct sequence.

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