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UR-86 ("You are eighty-sixed") is a former KG Death Bot who became a part of Mizo's racing crew for the Kras City Grand Championship in Jak X.



UR-86 was created by the Krimzon Guard like all the other Death Bots before and after him. However, all of the rest of the KG Bots were destroyed and dismantled.

Built To Race

UR-86 lived for three years of his life and became a professional racing killer. Razer described him as the second deadliest racer ever. UR-86 was known for killing many racers around both Kras City and Haven City.

Losing The Championship

UR-86 lost the Kras City Championship during the Red Eco Cup. UR-86 was never seen again.


  • UR-86 is the only notable KG Death Bot.

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