Tyutyumon xros wars

Tyutyumon is a minor villain in Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion. He is a member of the Bagra Army's Midnight and the partner of Damemon/Tuwarmon.


Tyutyumon is an unknown level Digimon that resembles a creepy golden puppet mouse. He also resembles a horrified version of Chuumon, Sukamon's partner.

Digimon Xros WarsEdit

Tyutyumon were created at the same time Damemon was created. He along with Damemon were originally served as Lilithmon's pet.

After Damemon died in Yuu's hands, Tyutyumon became loyal to DarkKnightmon. He grew bigger and attempted to attack Xros Heart, but Persiamon killed and consumed him.


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