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Tyrannosaurus Rex is a villain in the animated film Fantasia. He serves as the main antagonist in The Rite of Spring segment.


This T-Rex is hungry for his supper. All the herbivorous and carnivourous dinosaurs run away from him except for the Stegosaurus, who fights him bravely. In the end, the T-Rex's massive bite broke the Stegosaurus' neck, causing it to die. With that in mind, the T-Rex roars in triumph and starts eating the dead Stegosaurus while the other dinosaurs roam away from his berth. During the migration in the endless drought with the other dinosaurs, he passes away from the dehydration in an early scientific depiction of the mass extinction.

Disney Parks

Tyrannosaurus Rex is seen as The Disneyland train travels to the Primeval World diorama. In it, he is seen reenacting his battle from Fantasia.

In Walt Disney World's Epcot there is a ride known as Ellen's Energy Adventure staring Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy, who explore the world of energy, including the use of fossil fuels. During the ride, Bill Nye brings DeGeneres "back in time" to the age of dinosaurs to explain the origin of fossil fuels. During this portion of the ride, several dinosaurs can be seen that are similar to the ones during Fantasia's The Rite of Spring. Most notably, there is a large Tyrannosaurus attacking a Stegosaurus over a cliff. This is obviously in reference to Fantasia. and also at Downtown Disney's T-Rex Cafe, there is a large Tyrannosaurus with its young.


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