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The Tyrannosaurus Rex serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Much Abu About Something" of the TV series Aladdin.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex is a dangerous predator who lives in the jungle near the city of Ziggarock. He first appears when Aladdin, Genie, Iago, Carpet and Abu come in the jungle to get food for the people at Ziggarock. The Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks them and tries to eat Iago, but Carpet comes to rescue him. He then bangs Genie with his tail and attacks the others, but Abu, whose a prophecy said that he is destined to be the liberator of Ziggarock, tries to fight the Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, Aladdin tells him that it is too dangerous and the gang get out of the jungle with Carpet.

Later, Aladdin imagines a plan to trap the dinosaur. Carpet puts a giant X on the ground, while Genie and Iago place explosives on the boulders above. Then, the gang goes in the jungle to find the Tyrannosaurus Rex, who quickly attacks it. They manage to lure him to the X and Genie detonates the bombs, exploding the boulders who fall on the dinosaur and bury him.

At night, the Tyrannosaurus Rex gets out of the boulders and goes in the city. He encounters a boy and pursues him, but he manages to escape from the dinosaur. Shortly after, the Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks the villages and the gang during their feast and devours most of the food. He also accidentally destroys the statue of Abu with his tail. Aladdin and his friends try to distract him whilst the villagers escape, however the giant beast manages to knock out Aladdin by giving a tail blow, then he destroys a house and the debris fall on Carpet, trapping him. Genie tries to intervene, but the Tyrannosaurus Rex crushes him with his foot. He then comes toward Aladdin, however Apu suddently pounces on him and blinds him with bananas. He throws some fruits on the reptile and manages to lure him to a cliff, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex finally falls down.

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