The Tyrannosaurus is a recurring antagonist in the American/Japanese TV animated series The King Kong Show. He appears in many episodes and also in the title sequence.



(aka A Friend in Need)

After Bobby got lost in the jungle of Mondo Island, he encounters a hungry Tyrannosaurus which attacked him. Bobby flees but the Tyrannosaurus pursues him and manages to catch him up, however before the dinosaur could devour the young boy, King Kong arrives and confronts the reptile. The Tyrannosaurus gives a tail blow to his adversary's leg, which tries to hit him with a tree but he manages to dodge it. The two opponent then pounce on each other, but finally King Kong succeeds to seize the Tyrannosaurus's tail and hits him several times on the ground, defeating him.

The Tyrannosaurus makes several others appearances during the following episodes.