The Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-rex is a recurring antagonist in the TV series Kong: The Animated Series and the secondary antagonist in the film Kong: Return to the Jungle.


Kong: The Animated Series

In the first episode The Return, a Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks Jason, Tann and Ramone De La Porta shortly after their arrival on the island. He pursues Jason and tries to devour him, but Kong arrives and fights him. Eventually, Kong manages to make the Tyrannosaurus flee away.

In another episode, two Tyrannosaurus attack De La Porta and his henchmen when they went on the island. However, they manage to escape from the dinosaurs.

In the episode The Hidden Fears, Jason combines with a Tyrannosaurus in order to confront Ominous . The two gigantic monsters fight but Ominous finally defeat the Tyrannosaurus, resulting him to break his link with Jason. The Tyrannosaurus then flees.

Kong: King of Atlantis

In this film, the Tyrannosaurus Rex only makes a brief appearance among the others dinosaurs of the island.

Kong: Return to the Jungle

A Tyrannosaurus Rex serves as the secondary antagonist of the film.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex first appears when he scares away a pack of Raptors when they chased a Triceratops.

Much later, while Kong fighted against the men send by Hunter Stag III to capture the creatures of Kong Island, the Tyrannosaurus comes to confront Kong. The two monsters then violently fight. Kong finally manages to knock down the Tyrannosaurus, but the latter gives him a tail blow which disoriented him. Stag's men take the opportunity to capture the two monsters with nets and they both are transported at Stag's zoo in New York.

At the zoo, the Tyrannosaurus Rex manages to break his cage and escapes, then he breaks Kong's cage but he knocks himself in the process. When he wakes up, he goes rampaging throughout the city.

At night, the Tyrannosaurus Rex destroys the Superdome, knowing that Kong was hidden inside. However, Kong leaves it before its destruction and then confronts the Tyrannosaurus once again. After a violent fight, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is finally defeated by Stag who tried to shoot at Kong with a launcher. The Tyrannosaurus is later brought back to Kong Island.