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Ah, my public; they love me!
~ Tyrannicus

Tyrannicus Tiger

Tyrannicus Tiger is the main antagonist/ anti-hero in the animated Australian series, Animalia.

He is voiced by Dean O'Gorman


Tyrannicus is a tyrannical, pompous, arrogant, selfish, rude, sly, cruel, greedy, persuasive, smooth-talking Bengal Tiger who is greatly obsessed with Livingstone's position as the ruler of Animalia, and feels he should be its ruler in place of him. He finds ways of getting ahead by the use of various get-rich-quick schemes. He despises Alex and Zoe, who he refers to as "stink bugs" and especially wants to get rid of them. He is known also for trying to get G'Bubu and Iggy out of Animalia. He is assisted by Fuchsia the fox. Later in the series, he formed an short-lived alliance with the Creeper. Despite being a villain, he is rather lazy, cowardly, and incompetent, so he promptly flees if things get too bad for him.

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