Typhon is an evil creature from ancient Greek mythology that fought the thunder god [[Zeus (mythology)|Zeus) on behalf of the Titans.


In his legend Typhon was the last monster Zeus had to defeat in order to reclaim the world, Typhon used his flames against Zeus and defeated him temporarily, but this came into combat and defeated him. The legend speaks that after Zeus defeated the Titans Gae mated with Tartarus, and gave birth to her final child Typhon. Typhon was the perfect adversary for Zeus. During a massive battle, Zeus threw his thunder bolts against Typhon but this had no effect on the monster. The battle was hard, and Typhon managed to defeat most of the Olympian deities, including Zeus himself by tearing out his sinews. Hermes, however, took them back and returned them to Zeus thus returning to battle after being incapacitated. Zeus was finally able to defeat him by literally tossing a mountain ontop of the beast, and imprisoned him into Mount Etna, where he spewed lava, fire and smoke in frustration, although he never managed to escape from under it.


Typhon was the father of most of the monsters in Greek Mythology, with the mother being Echidna, the great serpent witch. Some of its children include:

Hydra: The Hydra was a 9-headed serpentine dragon who lived in the Lerna swamp. It breathed poisonous gas and its central head breathed fire. This monster devoured sheep, terrorized the villages, and killed its people. The Hydra was the one of the most dangerous monsters in Greek Mythology; if one of its heads was cut off, two more would grow in it's place. The more wounds inflicted on it, the stronger it became. Hercules defeated it by burning the head stumps after he cut them off, thus preventing them from growing back. The Hydra's main head was immortal, so Hercules cut it off and buried it under a rock to keep it from harming anyone.

Colquidian Dragon: The Colquidian Dragon was the guardian of the golden fleece. This Dragon never had to sleep, so nobody could steal its treasure without it knowing. It could breath fire and had poison teeth. It was one of the five decedents of Typhon who didn't died. He was defeated by Jason.

Ladon: The Ladon was a hundred-headed dragon who was the guardian of the golden apples of the Hesperides Garden. Unlike it's other monstrous relatives, Ladon was not really evil, but simply guarded the tree from trespassers.

Chimera: The Chimera was a large, vicious beast that had the body and head of a lion, a goat's head growing from it's back, and a snake-headed-tail. All three heads breathed fire, and it's hide was too thick for any weapon to pierce it. Odysseus killed it when he stuck a lead-tipped spear down it's lion-mouth while riding Pegasus. The lead melted into the creature's mouth and poisoned it.

Escila: Escila was mufti-headed marine dragon. Not much is known about it.

Cerberus: Cerberus was a three-headed dog who worked for Hades, the Lord of the Dead. It had a snake for a tail. Cerberus guarded the gates of the underworld and made sure that no one got out. Hercules defeated it.

Doubt : Doubt was a large humanoid cobra who was meant to prevent bad things to happen, this monster allied with Hades and he stole a magical elmet that could make invisible to anyone that has it, also he was the one who was the responsible for Perseus to kill Medusa.

Ortos: Ortos was a 2-headed dog alongside Gerion who was one of the monsters that Hercules fought and was killed and when Gerion was up to come help him Hercules killed him too.

Gerion: Gerion was a 3-headed man giant that owned flesh eating bulls, and a 2-headed dog who was his brother, Hercules killed him in his 10 labors.

Sphinx: Sphinx was a half lion, hal eagle and half woman creature, who devoured anyone who could never solve her riddle: which is the animal that walks in the day with four legs, at midnight with two and at nigth with three, the answer was the human, when Edipo solved solved the riddle The Sphinx killed herself.

Cromino Pig: the Cromino pig was a pig which devastated the grass and vegetation from the prides , and attacked his inhabitants, this pig was captured by hercules alive he alongside: Ladon, Colquidian Dragon, Cerberus and Doubtt where the only Thyphon decedents who weren't killed.

Nemean Lion: The lion of Nemea was a giant lion who's skin was impervious to any weapon. It terrorized the valleies of Nemea by devouring livestock and the inhabitants of Nemea. Hercules was sent to kill the nemean lion as his first labor. He managed to choke the massive lion to death, skin it, and use it as armor.


Typhon in his Myth is described as a giant red Dragon with 6 snake heads on his body and one of a Dragon, big bat wings and horns in other sources Thyphon was a Half Dragon half man creature, there is no exact description of him.

Powers and Abilities

Typhon, being the most deadly monster of Greek mythology, possesses the strongest powers at his disposal, like controlling earth and wind, fire, poison and perhaps the power of killing gods, making him a serious threat and a force to be reckon with.