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An alphabetical listing of villains by type.


  • Warlords: Villains who thrive on war and often lead armies.
  • Weapons Dealer: A villains who sells weapons to other villains. Similar to warlords in that they take advantage of war to make a profit.
  • Wraith: A type of shadow-based etheral creature that is usually a spirit of the dead.
  • Wrathful Villains: Villains driven by or consumed by Wrath.


  • Xenophobe: A villain who has an intense hatred/fear of other cultures, races or species.


  • Youkai: Supernatural creatures that originate from Japanese mythology. They were infamous for their alien nature, with some being dangerous to humans and almost all of them being beyond human understanding - they varied from spirits of the dead to possessed objects or lesser dieties and have become a prominent part of Japanese culture.


  • Zombie: A type of undead monster or alternatively a being that is not dead but infected with some strange virus or parasite - there are also zombies created via mind-washing and whatnot.


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