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An alphabetical listing of villains by type.


  • Karma Houdini: A villain who receives no comeuppance for their crimes, and who are still in position to pursue their evil ways when the story ends.
  • Kid: A villain who is under 13 years of age or a villain who has the physical aspect of a child.
  • Kidnapper: A villain who kidnaps any innocent being.


  • Lawful Evil: Villains who use law to oppress and manipulate others.
  • Lawful Neutral: Villains who value the law more than right and wrong and follow and enforce it almost blindly.
  • Leaders: Villains that have a large following or lead a group, organization or species.
  • Legacy: Villains that have been portrayed by more than one individual or villains that have been passed down through a family.
  • Liars: Villains who regularly lie for other villains or for themselves, and are often very hard to trust and are dislikeable to others.
  • Liches: Undead necromancers, often skeletal in appearance. Less specifically, a lich can be an undead sorcerer wielding Dark Magic, but not specifically necromancy.
  • Love Rivals: Villains who compete with the protagonist over the love interest. They generally try to gain the respect of the one they are pursuing but use less than reputable means.
  • Lover Stealers: A Love Rival who won't take no for an answer and abduct their love interest, forcing the hero to rescue them. Some extreme cases are willing to kill their love interest if they cannot have them.
  • Lovecraftian Horrors: Villains that have been inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft; meaning that these are beings too alien for humans to understand, whose appearance is repulsive, hard to describe and maddening; and whose mere existence is hardly conceivable.