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An alphabetical listing of villains by type.


  • Gamblers: Villains that enjoy gambling, live on gambling, or just frequently partake in gambling.
  • Gangsters: Criminal villains who lead a life in the "underworld", that is, raised in an environment filled with gangs, drug dealing and poverty.
  • Gaolers: Villains that guard prisoners or are in charge of facilities that hold prisoners. Also known as wardens or jailers.
  • Genocidal Villains: Villains that murder a large number of a certain race or species.
  • Geokinetic Villains: Villains that have control over the elements of Earth (ground, rock, sand, etc.)
  • Ghosts: Villains that do not possess a physical body anymore and take the form of a spirit after death. 
  • Giant: Villains who are of exceptional size and strength.
  • Goblins: Ugly, malicious monsters, very similar to Trolls and Gremlins or villains that possess goblin-like qualities or dress as them.
  • God Wannabe: A villain who attempts to become an omnipotent deity in some manner, or whose incredible power makes him/her/it consider him/her/itself as god and demands to be treated as such by his/her/its subjects, usually with worship.
  • Golddiggers: Villains who partake in romantic relationships, purely to gain there partners money.
  • Golems: Large, humanoid and possessed objects who are usually used as guardians.
  • Graverobbers: Villains that steal dead bodies from graves and often defile grave sites.
  • Greedy Villains: Villains that have uncontrollable greed and would do just about anything to get what they want.
  • Gremlins: Small mythical green monsters who cause trouble and mischief.
  • Guardians: Villains that stand guard over a certain area or treasure.
  • Gyrokinetic Villains: Villains who can control gravity.


  • Harbingers: Villains that serve as messengers or heralds, either for a greater villain or for a force of nature.
  • Harbringer for Rebirth: Villains who long to bring society or even the world down, so it can be rebuilt a new.
  • Heretics: Villains who oppose the mainstream religious or political system and try to replace it with their own.
  • Hero's Lover: A villain that serves as the lover of a hero at some point in time.
  • Heroes turned to the Dark Side: Villains who primarily were protagonists, or at least fought for the side of good before being corrupted.
  • Homicidal: Villains who are willing to kill.
  • Horror Villain: A villain who is scary or harrovian, such as: Monsters, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, zombies, demons, werewolves, cannibals, psychopaths and aliens.
  • Honorable Villain: A villain who proves to be a worthy opponent and follows a code of honor.
  • Hostile Species: Any group of creatures who are naturally hostile to humans/societies.
  • Humanoids: Villains that are not human but resemble humans in some way. Generally they are bipedal, have a head with two eyes a nose and a mouth, walk upright, etc.
  • Hunters: Villains that hunt animals for sport.
  • Hypocrites: Villains that impose a standard on others, and punish people for violating it, yet also do the very same things they claim to be against.


  • Immortal: A villain who can't be killed, or at least will never die unless specific circumstances are met (which is usually extremely difficult).
  • Immortality Seeker: Villains who seek eternal life.
  • Imprisoned Villains: A villain that ends up imprisoned within a jail or prison of some kind.
  • In Love Villain: A villain that is motivated to win the love of another or at least force someone to marry him or her.
  • Incompetent Villain: A villain who often or always fails miserably and isn't really dangerous but can be annoying.
  • Incriminators: A villain who frames the hero for their evilness, whether by murder, robbery, etc.
  • Inmates: Villains that are imprisoned, but have considerable influence within the prison or jail that they are held.
  • Insecure Villains: A villain that is not truly evil, but is acting out in order to be noticed.


  • Jingoist Villains: Villains that are patriotic to an extreme. These villains hold their country or movement to be the greatest and will adopt aggressive and sometimes downright criminal behavior in defence of these ideas.
  • Juvenile Delinquents: Villains under 18 years of age that commit crimes.


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