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What am I supposed to do with you now?!
~ Tyler's last words to Justin before he is sent falling to his death by Max

Tyler Harne is the main antagonist of the 2015 film Max. He is a sadistic, corrupt and arrogant U.S. Marine who shot and killed Kyle in friendly fire, he's also the one that secretly pulled the detonator in order for him to get injured so he can kill him.

He's portrayed by Luke Kleintank


Tyler Harne is first introduced when he is seen talking to Kyle. He tries to act like Kyle's best friend but it turns out he isn't. It is seen that Tyler is stealing weapons and selling to the Taliban. In the middle of a war-zone. Tyler makes Kyle send Max out in the middle of the desert where a bomb explodes, severly injuring Kyle. Tyler then shoots and kills Kyle. Max is able to survive and viciously swears revenge on Tyler by barking at him.

Fate and Death

Tyler is able to get a job at the storage place that Kyle's dad owns but a couple of days pass by. Tyler reveals to Justin that he killed his brother and is selling weapons to the cartels but if he tells his mom or dad anything about it. He will get hurt seriously bad just like his brother did. The next day, Tyler is caught by Ray, but he is held at gunpoint by Emilio and kidnapped. Tyler, Deputy Stack and Emillo are soon caught but hear a bark, they send a pitbull up there but the pitbull is killed by Max after he knocks it into a river and makes it go down a waterfall, drowning him. Corrupt Cop Deputy Stack is killed after Ray shoots through his windshield and makes him crash into a tree which flips his car over and blows up, destroying the car and killing everything inside. Tyler is finally able to catch up with Justin and knocks him down by hitting him in the face. Tyler yells at Justin and is disappointed saying What am I supposed to do with you now?! He prepares to shoot Justin but Max shows up, Tyler turns around and prepares to shoot Max but Justin is able to kick Tyler's legs from underneath him. Tyler is lunged at by Max and falls to his death. Avenging Kyle.


In the aftermath, Tyler and Stack are confirmed dead while Emilio and his cartel are confirmed to be in jail for a long time.

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