is an anti villain in the movie Ginger Snaps 2. Tyler is a worker at the clinic who offers to trade drugs to the female rehab patients for sexual favors.


Tyler is a rather misogynistic and uncaring person, Tyler shows little to no care about the well being of the patients and he does not want them to stop being addicted to drugs, he uses the addictions of the female patients to his advantage as he gives the patients their own desired drug for sex.

Tyler likes to play mind games with the Brigitte, when he found bathroom he was holding onto the monkshood right in front of her taunting her with it he wanted to see her beg for it. later on predating he's not going to give her the monkshood she desires just to make her worry  when in fact was was willing to do it showing that Tyler it bit of a sadist. 

Tyler is one of the many characters in the movie that is completely unaware of the existence of werewolves, he believed that Brigitte Fitzgerald was just addicted to monkshood but in fact she used it to stop herself from turning into a werewolf. 

In the end Tyler got punished for his actions, in the third act of the movie Ghost tricked Brigitte believing that Tyler raped and abused her, but unbeknownst Brigitte but in fact he was innocent, Brigitte went to confront him, she decided to lead him outside so he can be eaten alive by the werewolf, Brigitte and Ghost watched him as he was getting torn apart and screaming in agony.


  • Among viewers of the movies Tyler is one of the most hated characters.
  • Tyler is portrayed by Eric Johnson.
  • Tyler is the last character to be killed by a werewolf.