Tygrus is a cat creature created by Emile Dorian and an adversary of Batman in Batman:The Animated Series.


Dorian artificially created Tygrus with believing that cats are the perfect species. Tygrus was born in a lab and was created with many traits such as increased strength, agility and stamina. Tygrus lived most of his live in a jungle island. He was trained to speak and use his abilities by Dorian 

Dorian kidnapped Catwoman and turned into a literal catwoman. Tygrus was in love with Catwoman and was happy. But Catwoman didn't return his feelings which made Tygrus confused. Tygrus helped Catwoman return to her normal self after asking her to stay, When Catwoman asked him to come with her to Gotham, Tygrus wandered away and believed that there was no place for him anywhere.