Ty McKay is Spence Westmore's nephew and a major recurring character in the second season of Devious Maids. He serves as a major antagonist in Carmen Luna's storyline and the main/central antagonist of Valentina Diaz' storyline.

An unstable boy, Ty is mentally unstable since he attempted suicide due to the guilt of being involved in Alejandro Rubio's murder and was recovered as he is one of the Beverly Hills thugs.

He then has a crush for his uncle Spence's new maid, Carmen and when Carmen is nice to him, he goes so far as to kissing her and when he sees her comforting Spence, he thinks that he is her boyfriend.

He even goes so far as to put dishwashing liquid in his dinner, which caused him to go to hospital, but Carmen later finds out.

When he tells Carmen that spence does Not love her like he does, he scares her.

When Spence takes him for treatment, Ty begins to stalk Carmen.

He goes so far as to blackmailing his fellow thugs to stage a robbery at Spence's house, where a party celebrating 20 years of him being on the soap opera just so that he can be the hero for Carmen.

However, it goes wrong when Carmen saves herself by stabbing Ethan and the thugs run away.

When Ethan confesses to Valentina, Valentina goes to jail for being an accomplice but Valentina reveals Ty and Ethan's secret and when she tells Ty, Ty goes so far as to telling his friends that they have to kill Valentina but they bail out when they have "redeemed themselves" by telling the truth to their closest ones.

Ty then decides to do it himself. When Rosie and Spence's wedding takes place, Ty goes there to shoot Valentina but Carmen recognizes him and tries to stop him but Ty shoots an unknown person.