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2 Faces me

Two Face's henchmen with guns

Two Face's Thugs were ruthless henchmen working for Two Face . They wear split-masks similiar to Deathstroke's, have lip, ear and nose rings with biker outfits and combat boots. They also wield a variety of deadly weaponry such as firearms.

Known Members

  • Two Face's Pilot: This thug was possibly Two Face's right hand man or bodyguard. He evacuated Two Face away from Batman but the Dark Knight managed to landed on it. Two Face attempted to shoot Batman, but it killed his Pilot instead.
  • Sugar: Sugar was a love interest for the good side of Two Face. After the lair explodes, she and Spice escape but their fate is unknown.
  • Spice: Spice was a love interest for the bad side of Two Face. After the lair explodes, she and Sugar escape but their fate is unknown.
  • Driver: This thug drove a truck while Two Face attempted to assassinate Batman with a RPG but hit the driver's truck instead, killing him.
  • Clawed Fighter: This thug first fought Batman at the movie's beginning but was defeated when an electrocuted thug was thrown into him. Later on, he fought Batman again and this time he fought him one on one and had a very impressive fighting style, but Batman defeated him by kicking him in the jaw.
  • Tough Thug: This Thug and the others helped Two Face during their bank heist. He was defeated by Batman.

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