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The Two-Headed Shark is the titular main antagonist of the 2012 film, Two Headed Shark Attack most of which had a Jaws-themed story.


The Two-Headed Shark is shown to have terrorized the island for decades. A small community existed on the island, but it was destroyed by an invading Shark. This would probably make the Two-Headed Shark an invasive species.

A giant Shark is shown dead on the island's beach, which would indicate that there is probably more than one Two-Headed Shark. This is unconfirmed but likely. How the Shark came to have two heads is unknown, either a natural mutation, or maybe it is possible the island's inhabitants created the monster themselves by dumping waste in the ocean.

Two Headed Shark Attack

A huge band of college students, Kate, (played by Brooke Hogan) Laura, Paul, Liza, Michelle, obnoxious Cole, Lyndsey, scholarly Ethan, Jamie, Ryan, Kirsten, (who becomes friends with Kate) cowardly Kristen and Dana, Alex and Mike, and Kirk, Haley & Allison, who are deeply in love with each other, have their boat damaged by a Two-Headed Shark, which causes their professor to take them ashore.

They get ashore and three louters, Haley, Allison and Kirk, get into nude love-making in the sea but get eaten. Then the rest of the students return to the boat but the Shark attacks again and they realize it has two heads. They race each other back to shore and the shark gives chase, but goes for the boat with the larger engine (which, given its two heads, makes most noise and irritation for it).

Out of nowhere, the Shark leaps out of the water and Ryan falls off, making him its next victim. Jamie and Alex are next killed by the Shark. The jock Cole jumps in the sea and abandons Jeff and Mike, who found Laura's severed arm in the water (because Babish had told Laura to fix the underwater engine, prompting the Shark to eat her) to be eaten by the Shark.

Cole survives when Jeff and Mike are eaten, and Cole is grounded when they do beach, and they debate over the Shark and its needs. Ethan and Babish say they can't return to the ship because of the Shark's sensitivity to noise. Kate and Cole return to the ship to fix the hull but the Shark knocks the two deckhands into the ocean where it eats them.

Back on the island as it is volcanic, it begins to sink, and a group hide in the chapel when a tsunami rushes at it. Seeing the Shark is too much for Cole and he flees on a dinghy, but a phone call (perhaps from his girlfriend) attracts the Shark and it eats the jock. Babish and Anne stand realizing it is over and they embrace just as the Shark leaps out of the tsunami and eats them. Then the tsunami hits the church and the Shark breaks into the church and smashes through, eating Lyndsey, Michelle, Liza, and Paul.

In the chaos, Kristen and Dana become terrified for their soft skin and flee away from the others, and Kristen looks to Dana for sexual protection when they get onto a dock. However, as Kristen leans in to kiss Dana, the Shark jumps right out of the river where it had been deposited from the giant wave, and it eats Dana right in front of cowardly Kristen who watches in a brief last moment of horror before Kristen also gets eaten.

Kirsten, Kate and Ethan are the only survivors and they come out when Kate notices a fuel tank. The Shark sees them and rushes them, but Kirsten sacrifices herself by lighting her cigar lighter trying to blow up the tank. The Shark instead bites her arm off then swallows her. Kate tries to kill the Shark but it stupidly bites the gas tank and bursts into pieces, dead. Kate and Ethan are now safe from the main threat and a police helicopter picks them up.


  • The Two-Headed Shark could be seen as a reference to Leviathan from The Bible.
  • A further Biblical impact on the film is seen upon the church Babish finds on the island.
  • A possible explanation for why none of the students (except Ethan and Kate) survived is because they lacked redeemable qualities - Kirk, Haley and Allison obviously displayed extreme lust, Kristen and Dana were extreme cowards and also very lustful to each other, Cole's sin was pride, Laura, Paul, Liza and Michelle were slothful, and Lyndsey, Alex, Mike and Kirsten were envious, as Kirsten was slightly envious of Kate's complacent attitude. Also, the fact that Kirk, Haley and Allison were the first victims when love making is not only punishment for their laziness, but a reference to the fact that lust constitutes the second level of Hell in Dante's Inferno.
  • The fact that only Kate and Ethan survived could mean that of all the students, Kate was courageous enough to actually fight the Shark, and Ethan helped research its weaknesses.