Two-Faced Goblin

Two-Faced Goblin unmasked.

Two-Faced Goblin is a villain from Amalgam comics. He is a combination of DC's Two-Face and Marvel's Green Goblin.

Harvey Osborn was a High Class member of New Gotham City who had the left side of his face horribly scarred. Blaming Logan Wayne (alias Darkclaw, a cross between Wolverine and Batman), he sought vengeance upon him, taking the persona of the Two-Faced Goblin.

He headed a group called the Terrible Three, the others being Amalgam's Scarecrow, and Siliconman.

In a conflict with Speed Demon (a combination of DC's The Flash and Marvel's Ghost Rider), Goblin killed his former teammates, who had been possessed by Speed Demon's foe Night Spectre. The Spectre later possessed Goblin, and both were defeated by Speed Demon.



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