Twister is one of the antagonists featured in the anthropomorphic superhero comic series, Extinctioners, she is one of the numerous "Trackers" who work for the Human Invasion Force and is used to hunt down and combat any resistance from "hybrids" (super-powered beings).

Twister herself is not entirely willing in this fact, often wearing a mind-collar but her role still involves frequent conflict with the heroes of Alden as she works (willingly or not) with the Hunters - an elite group of humans that seek to prepare Alden for the return of humanity, via enslaving and killing the native species that have grown to inhabit the planet (which was once Earth, heavily altered by many centuries of non-human presence).

Twister is an aerokinetic, able to command powerful wind to the extent she is often seen forming localized hurricanes and tornadoes - she can also use this power to glide via powerful gusts of wind.